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Unlock the power of effective communication with Career Fixx's Spoken English course. From basic greetings to nuanced verb forms, this program equips you with essential language skills for confident conversations. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to enhance your English proficiency, join us to navigate social interactions, express emotions, and describe people and places. Enroll now and embark on a transformative journey to speak English fluently and confidently in various contexts.

  • Course Duration : 5 Hours
  • Certified Course
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Course Overview

Welcome to the Career Fixx Spoken English course, an empowering journey to fluent and confident English communication. This meticulously designed program is tailored to equip you with essential language skills for effective conversations in various contexts.

Begin your expedition with a warm Welcome Lesson, setting the foundation for your English learning journey. Discover the 10 compelling reasons to master the language and understand its impact on personal and professional growth.

Navigate greetings and introductions as you delve into essential conversational basics. Learn the art of asking for food and drink, enabling you to communicate effortlessly in social settings.

Explore English within family and relationships, enhancing your ability to express feelings, emotions, and daily interactions. Master verb forms, including present, past continuous, present perfect, and past tense, allowing you to construct accurate sentences.

Grasp future tenses, modal verbs like can, could, may, might, and the nuanced use of will and would. Develop a solid foundation in nouns, subject-verb agreement, and numbers, crucial for effective expression.

Immerse yourself in describing people and places, acquiring the vocabulary to paint vivid pictures through words. This course is designed for learners at various stages, whether you're a beginner or seeking to refine your spoken English skills.

Enroll now in the Spoken English course and embark on a transformative journey to unlock the doors of effective communication. Whether it's personal or professional conversations, this course equips you to engage confidently and eloquently in the English language.

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  • Master spoken English with Career Fixx's comprehensive course.
  • Explore greetings, introductions, and essential conversational basics.
  • Learn to ask for food, drink, and navigate everyday situations.
  • Enhance family and relationship vocabulary for richer interactions.
  • Grasp verb forms, tenses, modals, nouns, and subject-verb agreement.
  • Develop the skills to describe people, places, and more.


  • Basic understanding of English alphabets and numbers.
  • Access to a computer or smartphone with internet connectivity.
  • No prior English language experience required; the course caters to learners of all levels.
  • Enthusiasm to learn and actively participate in course activities.
  • Optional: A willingness to engage in spoken practice exercises will be beneficial.


Sunil Chaudhary
English And Digital Success Coach


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  • Course Duration5 Hours
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  • Language
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  • CertificateYes
  • Pass Percentage90%