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Embark on a transformative WordPress Web Development journey with Career Fixx. Master the art of creating dynamic websites as you delve into domain and hosting essentials. Unleash your creativity with Elimentor's Basic and Pro Widgets, designing both informative and e-commerce sites from scratch. Elevate your skills further by incorporating premium themes and plugins. Join us to become a proficient WordPress developer and unlock a world of digital possibilities.

  • Course Duration : 4 Hours
  • Hindi
  • Certified Course
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Course Overview

Welcome to Career Fixx's WordPress Web Development course, your gateway to mastering the art of creating dynamic and engaging websites. This comprehensive program is designed to empower you with the skills and knowledge required to craft professional websites using WordPress.

Commence your journey with a warm Welcome and Introduction, setting the tone for an enriching learning experience. Understand the fundamental building blocks of web development by exploring Domain and Hosting, and learn how to acquire them efficiently.

Delve into the heart of WordPress as you navigate the Backend Overview and Basic Settings, acquainting yourself with the platform's core functionalities. Unlock the power of Elimentor, starting with Basic and Free Widgets, and progress to mastering the Elimentor Pro Widgets for more advanced designs.

Experience hands-on learning as you Create an Instant Website using Demo Templates and embark on designing a Complete Informative Website from Scratch. Gain insights into crafting compelling Posts or Articles to engage your audience effectively.

Explore the realm of E-commerce by discovering How to Create an E-commerce Website from Scratch, and learn the essentials of incorporating premium Themes and Plugins to elevate your website's functionality and aesthetics.

As a bonus, delve into the world of freelancing as you learn How to Start Freelancing and secure projects in the realm of WordPress web development.

Enroll now in the WordPress Web Development course and unlock the potential to design stunning, functional, and impactful websites. Whether you're a beginner or seeking to enhance your skills, this course is your stepping stone to becoming a proficient WordPress developer.

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  • Basic computer skills.
  • Internet access and a computer/laptop.
  • Optional: Familiarity with website concepts.
  • Enthusiasm to learn and engage actively.


  • Master WordPress Web Development with Career Fixx's expert-led course.
  • Understand domains, hosting, and efficient purchasing.
  • Navigate WordPress Backend and configure basic settings.
  • Create instant websites using demo templates.
  • Harness Basic and Free Widgets in Elimentor.
  • Master Elimentor Pro Widgets for advanced designs.
  • Design a complete informative website from scratch.
  • Craft engaging posts and articles.
  • Learn to create E-commerce websites from the ground up.
  • Discover premium themes and plugins for enhanced functionality.
  • Explore freelancing opportunities and project acquisition.


Kuldeep Prajapt
Web Developer


Course Rating
  • Course Videos11
  • Course Duration4 Hours
  • Skill LevelMedium
  • LanguageHindi
  • Quizzes1
  • CertificateYes
  • Pass Percentage%